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Darts-the winter winner

Darts is scoring high in North America with people embracing #JOMO (the joy of missing out) – and staying in, while having fun. Coming into winter, it's all about indoor games, and a switch from screen time, to skill-based games that can be played together or alone. People need a sporting fix right now and darts fits the bill. Players are transforming their games rooms into in-home darts lanes, complete with dartboards, surrounds, and oches. Read on for more on how to partner with Shot Darts and capitalize on the Darts staycation craze in your store.

we make it easy

We ship to 70+ countries worldwide, so you can be assured of great shipping rates and a seamless delivery. We ship both direct ex-factory from Shot Darts in New Zealand or from one of our global distribution centres. So if you’re in the US, you’ll typically receive your delivery in just three days. Order and reorder when it suits you, and minimise the risks of carrying more stock than you need, or committing to large orders.

World-Beating Selection

With more than 400 lines, we’ve got darts covered from the home rec room player to pro level, in both steel and soft tip with universal-grip barrels. We’re constantly developing exciting new ranges to attract young players through engaging storytelling, fresh barrel grips, amazing artwork and cool flight designs. We conduct regular consumer research to make sure our products target and work with the right market segments from beginner to pro, and everyone in between.

Support to sell

Get all the support and resources you need to grow your customer base and local dart community. We supply quality images and engaging, SEO friendly copy for web listings, banners and social media posts. And we’ll tailor specifications to suit your e-commerce needs or promote your store as the local ‘Home of Shot Darts’. Plus we supply in-store tester darts, promo items and local player and league sponsorship to help you build your own brand.

What our customers think


Billiards Plus Ohio

Shot Darts has provided us with support across many parts of the business, most recently they sponsored a local player with a shirt and a set of darts. The shirt had our business logo on it so was great free advertising for us with the local dart community. Also, they provide web banners that are great for promoting ourselves on social media as the local home of Shot Darts. Shot Darts runs a great monthly promo plan where they provide branded gifts with orders that we can hand out to our customers with purchases. They have great shipping rates which is cool given they are based in New Zealand!


Metro Darts

It’s easy to order from Shot Darts – they have an online wholesale trade portal that is easy to access and displays the full range with pricing and images, so all I need to do is add to cart and confirm. If I need help, the Shot sales team are very easy to contact and are helpful. Shot Darts sent us a free in-store display merchandiser that allow us to hang all the Shot darts and accessory items together. The merchandiser stands out in our store, which is great. We have been impressed with how Shot Darts has sold and been embraced by our customers.

Mike Ziesler

Rebel Sport New Zealand

Shot Darts was one of our earliest suppliers and we have retained an excellent working relationship over the years. They have helped us to grow the category significantly within our business. They are always open to exploring any new marketing opportunities to grow our business together. They have proven themselves to operate with honesty and integrity in all of our business together.

Peter M. Citera

Championship Darts Corporation

We could not be happier with the performance of the new Bandit board by Shot Darts! We received an advance shipment of two Bandits to use on our feature/streaming board for a CDC weekend; generally, we plan on using one dartboard per day of play to avoid wear showing on camera. With the new Shot Bandit board not only were we able to use one board for BOTH days, but we never even needed to rotate it! 18 matches played over two days with top-calibre players and the board still looked brand new. The new mounting system is ideal for home use. Shot Darts has truly raised the standard for professional-calibre dartboards and we’re looking forward to using the Bandit for many years to come.

Chris White

Shot USA Darts Pro

Being a Shot Darts Sponsored Player is a true honor as it's a great company that is well respected worldwide. As a professional darts player, it means a lot to play with high quality products that supports my game! The Shot Team's innovative design process was such a great experience. It allowed me to have hands-on input and test the ideas I had to improve the darts performance characteristics. My signature darts have improved my game, several people have commented on its killer looks and I can’t wait for others to get the chance to experience it!


USA-Facebook Review

Great equipment doesn't begin to cover it. I own four sets of Shot Darts, I throw 2 myself and my kids each own a set. Superior consistency from dart to dart over the competition darts, of which I own sets from several other top brands. Shot make beautifully crafted peices of art. Durable as well, they hold up from game after games without losing any appeal. Unique shapes and make them extremely versatile as well. My average has done nothing but climb since I upgraded to Shot Viking Shield Maidens and Pro Samurai. Can't wait to see what elese you guys have yet to come up with!

How to answer 4 top darts customer questions

What Should I Buy?

For new players, pick-up-and-play tournament sets are an easy win, a quick sale and represent value for money for newbies. Most customers feel confident to set up their own in-home dart lane. Tip: Shot Consumer research shows that for males aged 25-45, the average time to upgrade from starter darts (like brass) is just 3 weeks! Stock higher tungsten darts with precision grips for this transition and you'll have a happy repeat customer. Easy.

What games to play?

For easy to play games ideas, visit our website blog for A starter for 5. In fact, our website is loaded with 'how tos', tips and information to kickstart your customers' new darts obsession. We encourage our customers re-purpose our hints and tips content to educate their customers new to the game, and for seasoned pros we have Dart Coach tips that any advanced level player will learn from and enjoy.

Is Darts safe?

As each person can have their own set, and physical distancing can be managed, darts is a good sport to play safely with people outside the family bubble. For concerned customers, recommend soft tips as an option. Suggest hanging the dartboard away from foot traffic, and keeping an eye on the ankle biters.

How do I look after my gear?

Visit our blog (see below) for answers your customer will ask, pages like "How to Hang a Dartboard", "How to Set up a Dart Lane at Home" and "How to Care and Clean for your Darts" are popular, easy to follow posts with our website visitors.  Providing players with solid hints and tips will show you're the authority on darts and will guarantee happy, repeat customers!


Trouble Shooting-Broken Dart Points

 A broken or snapped dart point can be hugely annoying, but the good news is it does not mean your beloved darts are unable to be used again.  Much like flights and shafts, steel tip points are an interchangeable part of a dart and can be replaced. Shot Darts uses quality points in our steel tip darts, manufactured to the industry standard in England, and have a Shot Darts specific taper at the front to minimize chances of breaking off at the barrel. We batch stress test points regularly to ensure the highest quality reaches you.

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Shot Darts. Crafted to last, built to win.

Darts. It’s in our DNA. We’ve been obsessing about darts since the 1970s, when Puma Darts started a revolution, making darts more accurate, accessible and fun in the USA. That same passion, respect for tradition, and innovation now sit behind Shot Darts. We design our dart ranges for maximum aerodynamics and tight grouping, engineer and manufacture at our factory, refine with cutting edge CAD software and then test by dart players for pinpoint accuracy. Each dart set runs the gauntlet to bear the Shot Darts name. We aim to bring you darts that look, feel and perform like nothing else out there. Take a look at our 50 Year Anniversary Video below.