Daniel Larsson

Daniel Larsson

HOMETOWN Storvreta, Sweden

Daniel Larsson is a leading player from the Nordic and Baltic Region, the Swede qualified for the 2020 Nordic Darts Masters, which is due to take place in October 2020.

To qualify for the 2019 PDC World Championship, Daniel finished in the top two of the 2018 PDC Nordic & Baltic Pro Tour. In January 2020, he took the next step in his promising career by finishing fifth on the European Q School Order of Merit. This gave the Swedish international a two-year PDC Tour Card, which allows him to compete on the tour in 2020 and 2021. It was a massive moment in his career and Daniel will be hoping to take full advantage of playing on the tour.

At Shot, we are delighted to add Daniel to our tribe, we are currently prototyping his new darts to be included in our Pro Series Range, due for release in August 2020. 

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When did you start playing darts? How did you get into darts?

I started in 1991 and by an ”accident”, as I come from a small village where not much is happening, and you pretty much do whatever is possible. So there was a guy who would move to our village and got money from the community to start a karate club. So they renovated the place for the club so it would be fresh and new, but then the karate guy never showed up. The chef at the local Inn saw the disappointment in in all the kids and asked the community if he could put up some dart boards so the kids could do something there.

Tell us what you most enjoy about being on the world stage in Darts

The big stage gives a bit of extra spice to the game and I also love the atmosphere that the crowd creates. Most of the times anyway, sometimes it can get a bit lonely up there, but that’s a part of the game.

Do you have any good dart tips?

Practice hard, be focused, believe in yourself and have a lot of fun.

Remember, you win or learn from games.

Favourite warm up routine?

If we are four persons or more I like a game called “1001 or tons”, split up in 2-3 per team and then first to 0 with a double at the end. Only count the 100+ scores and if someone hits 177 then its restart for the other teams. Funny and a bit speedy game.

Also checkout games as “121”. Start on 121 and try to finish it in nine darts of less, if finished in three darts then its locked. Then 122, 123 etc up to 170. If you don’t finish in nine darts then you fall back to the last locked checkout.

Another good checkout game. You start on 40 and try to check that in three darts. Then its 36, 32, 28 down to 2. If you miss or bust then fall back to the last locked score and you can lock by hitting 3 darts in the same double as your score, so If you have 24 then you need to hit 3xD12 to lock. It´s sounds easier than is.

And, of course a couple of rounds of 501 against a good opponent.

What are your goals in the future with Darts?

My closest goals is climb the PDC rankings to get above 64th  place and stay there to secure my tour card and to learn to compete with the best players and to raise my own game. Also to qualify for Ally Pally at the end of the year.

Next step is to climb the rankings higher and higher and make sure to stay at a high level.

In the future I would like be a World Champion.

Career Highlights:

  • 2022 William Hill World Darts Championship
  • 2021 PDC Nordic & Baltic Tour NB 05 Reykjavi
  • 2021 PDC Nordic & Baltic Tour NB 02 Reykjavi
  • 2021 William Hill World Darts Championship
  • 2020 World Cup of Darts - Team Sweden
  • Winning the teams tournament at WDF Europé Cup 2018. I love to play for my country and the Swedish flag on my back.

  • Qualifying for the PDC Worlds in 2019 and won first round against Robert Thornton.
  • Won the Swedish Gents Classic 2018 – With most of the top players in BDO at that time.
  • Hit a 9 darter in the Swedish Championships 2016