Chris White


DATE OF BIRTH November 1971
NICKNAME The Great White

"The great folks in Shot Dart's Production Department have once again partnered their exceptional quality and craftsmanship with some of the unique qualities that I wanted in my latest prototype. Their attention to detail is second to none. Being known as “The Great White Shark”, the team came through with a new style of razor type grip, called “The Shark Fin”, which provides an excellent amount of texture in the form of ridges for optimum grip on the dart. The barrel itself has it’s own distinctive shape, as it is slightly rear balance and wider at the back end, while tapering down to a more narrow front end. This has given me the perfect flight trajectory to the dart board allowing for my dart to land straight and flat; not blocking dart targets.  A rounded nose has been added to the steel tip version to minimize deflections when throwing those tight groups.... Chris White


"Being a Shot Darts Sponsored Player in the USA is a true honor as Shot Darts is a great company that is well respected worldwide.  As a professional darts player, it means a lot to play with high-quality products that supports my game!...Chris White

How long has Chris been playing darts?

Chris started playing darts at about 6 years old with family as his Dad, Mum, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles all played.  Chris's grandfather was a really good player and played until he was in mid sixties.  When Chris was 10 years old, he played in a youth dart league.

Career highlights:

  • Winner of the first 4 DPLA Events, 2020
  •  2019 DPLA Champion
  • 2016 Camellia Classic 501 Singles Champion
  • 2016 Yuba Sutter 501 and Cricket Singles Champion
  • 2016 Championship Dart Circuit (CDC) Champion Event #8
  • Winning 4 US National Championship Titles
  • Former Canadian Youth Champion
  • The World, GRAND FINAL – Top 4 Finalist
  • Bullshooter International Team Champion – Team Canada
  • 4 Man Team (La Rochelle, France) Champion – Team USA
  • Shanghai International Dart Open - Singles Quarter Finalist
  • Multiple Steel Titles in US including Las Vegas Open 501 Champion and Tournament MVP
  • Las Vegas Desert Classic – Top 32


Other achievements:

  • 2015 Oregon Open Cricket Singles Champion
  • 2015 Queen Mary Classic 501 singles champion.
  • 2014 Yuba-Sutter Open Cricket and 501 Singles Champion 
  • 2014 Camellia Classic Cricket Singles Champion
  • 2014 Queen Mary Cricket Singles Champion 
  • 2014 Oregon Open - 501 and Cricket Singles Champion
  • 2014 The World Stage 4 - Quarter Finalist


Other points of interest:
  • 2012 - Present DARTSLIVE Official Player
  • Represented Team Canada multiple times in the IDF World Cup
  • 2007, 2008 and 2009 #1 Rated Medalist Player
  • 2002, 2004 and 2012 USA Winmau World Master Team
  • Chris's other passion is bass fishing in Northern California.  He tries to get out to fish on weekends in between the darts!
  • Chris likes to wake up early on the day of the tournament to prepare.  Part of Chris's preparation includes having something light to eat, early registration and hitting the dartboard in his room away from distractions.
  • Chris was born in Ontario, Canada.
  • Chris' practice routine is to work more on his finishing.  "I start at 121, and I have nine darts to do it, if I hit it I move up one and if I miss it I move down one.  I do this all the way up to 170.   Then I'll throw Bulls for a good half an hour to 45 minutes and I usually just warm up on the 20s. I have a Dart Master III, and I'll play that on a level II."
  • Chris enjoys Chinese food or a good steak!

Darting Hints:

Grip - To throw consistent darts, you need a comfortable and natural grip that works for you.  It's important to reproduce the same grip, shot after shot!

Stance -  My suggestion is to keep the weight of your body on your front foot, leaning slightly forward with the back foot secure on the floor.  However, do your best to keep your body perfectly balanced with as little movement as possible for best accuracy.

Release -The throwing action must be smooth with the same arm movement each time.  Also, follow through with your arm pointing at the target on release.

Concentration - Focus only on the intended target and block out all other distractions around you.

How to improve - Once you have the basics in place, practice and keep playing as much as possible.