Play it forward: helping and teaching other players

There’s that old saying: ‘Those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach.’ We’re calling BS on that right now, because we reckon in darts ‘Those who can, do, but those who teach, do the game a favour.’

So, where do you start with teaching other players, and what do they need to know first, versus what they’ll learn through practice and experience? 

Youth Darts: raising the next generation of players

Youth Darts is the key to making sure our great game continues well past our generation. So how do you help inspire and teach young people to love the game and play it well? Thanks to Chris White and Scotty Burnett for their wisdom and advice on this one.

Youth Darts

By Scotty BurnettHi all, I want to go off topic from my recent posts and talk about something many players and organizers tend to overlook. Youth D...