Darts Coach-Mental Game Training–Part 2

Hi all, this week's tip is a direct continuation of Part 1  published in a previous post. Shutting off the conscious mind is difficult for several...

Darts Coach -The power of suggestion

Progress with my game for me can be attributed to understanding how my brain works - well when it comes to darts at least. More often than not, we ...

Darts Technique - The Big 3

Coaching is a passion that allows me to demonstrate my love of darts through the sharing of knowledge. It is something I could do for hours and one...

Three practice games to improve your average

Let's kick off the first discussion with a rundown on practice routines. Everyone has a theory about the best routine, however, like everything els...

Confidence: the secret sauce of top darts players

Confidence. It's hard to teach and tricky to learn. It’s intimidating and from a distance, it can look like arrogance. But rather than loud bravado, true confidence is a quiet, strong self-belief that’s your secret sauce for winning at any level of the darts game.  

Play it forward: helping and teaching other players

There’s that old saying: ‘Those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach.’ We’re calling BS on that right now, because we reckon in darts ‘Those who can, do, but those who teach, do the game a favour.’

So, where do you start with teaching other players, and what do they need to know first, versus what they’ll learn through practice and experience? 

Having fun with darts

Enjoying what you're doing, in my opinion, is a huge part of playing the game to the level that you, personally, want to play. I am a very social p...

Sportsmanship: the good sport’s guide to playing darts

Just for a minute, we’re going to leave technique, practice routines and discussions about the right darts gear behind. This post is all about attitude, etiquette and sportsmanship. Although, what we say here applies equally to female and male players.

Darts Warm Up Routine

Whatever skill or experience level you’re at, all darts players could benefit from a warm up and practice routine.

Practice perfect: for consistently better darts playing

At Shot Darts, we get asked a lot for the juicy pro tips to help players really make their practice time count. So, we called in a couple of experts to give you the lowdown on getting the most from your darts training. Cheers to Warren Parry and Wayne Weening for the practice tips – can’t wait to try them out.

Guarantee the Shot: how to hit your target every time

My tip may seem an obvious one, but over the many years of travelling the 'circuit' and playing pro darts, it’s amazing how many players do not do it. I myself have been guilty of such rash throwing, but I now follow this basic rule, ‘guarantee the shot’.”

Sounds easy when Matt ‘Superman’ Clark says it, aye? Wouldn’t it be great if us mere mortals could be sure of consistently nailing it? In this post, Matt gives us the skinny on his strategy to guarantee the shot (more often than not). 

Darts Practise-time, breathing and focus

Darts is one of the only sports where practice can be done in the comfort of your own home, rain or shine, and buck naked if that’s how you do. But practise you must! No matter how good you get, there’s always room to improve. With that in mind here are three handy things to think about for your next session. Cheers to Alex Roy and Warren Parry for the tips.

Three routines for dart practise

Anyways remember long hours of practice can help improve your darts game, but keep in mind, quality is better than quantity.  Here are a couple of good practice games to play to help yourself in games when under pressure.