How to hang a dartboard

Here’s how to get the hang of it for your hangout. But wait, before hanging your dartboard, make sure you have enough space in front of it. You need roughly 2500mm, but take a look at the diagram below so you know you’re starting out on the right foot.

How to look after your dartboard

All Shot Darts bristle dartboards are made with high-grade sisal – so you can play more and they’ll last longer. Like any bristle dartboard though, they do need to have the wear evenly spaced across the entire surface of the board, or the sisal can get over-compacted, making it harder for darts to ‘stick’.

Where to hang your dartboard

Apart from hanging your dartboard where you have a good combination of space, light and non-fragile objects, its placement will determine how often, how long and how well you practice. And therein lie the keys to fulfilling your true dart throwing potential, young Grasshopper.

The ultimate guide to choosing the right dart barrel

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Sharpen your game: how to clean and care for your darts

Dull darts won’t stick in the board no matter how ace your aim is. So if you play with steel tip darts, consider investing in a dart sharpener: this will help you reduce bounce outs and extend the life of your dartboard. The right amount of sharpening will actually leave your point with a slightly rounded tip, which will help it stick in the dartboard – this is true for both bristleboards and paper dartboards

A starter for 5: basic dart games you should know

If you’ve watched a dart tournament, you’ve probably seen 301 or 501 played. But what if you feel like mixing it up? Check out this article that outlines the rules for five easy to play dart games, including the classic 301. Then gather some mates and get ready to impress them with your encyclopaedic knowledge of the art of darts. You may even feel like adding a little wager to crank up the competition a notch. 

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Darting Equipment

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