Zen - A New Set of Essentials

With the release of the original Zen line up last year, the darts world embraced its philosophy and the range’s straightforward barrels. Each one ...

Inked Dart Wallet-Skulls Design Story

Shot’s own talented designers love working with global artists and illustrators. These collabs let us create something unexpected, explore other e...

Inked Dart Wallet - Ta Moko Design Story

At Shot, we absolutely love working with global artists and illustrators. These collabs let us create something unexpected, explore other eras and...

Inked Dart Wallet - Knot Design Story

At Shot, we strive to create something unexpected, explore other eras and cultures, and offer something fresh and unique to dart players who love ...

Shot Darts Design Story-Roman Empire

Here at Shot, our factory floor production team has over 150 years of dart-making experience combined. So when it came to designing a Caesar, our ...

Trouble Shooting - Bent Dart Points

A bent dart point can be hugely annoying, but the good news is it does not mean your beloved darts are unable to be used again.  Much like flights and shafts, steel tip points are an interchangeable part of a dart and can be replaced.

Dartboard Design - The Next Generation Bandit Story

Our design and production teams recently undertook the mission of re-designing the Bandit, adding new features in where needed, resulting in the new generation Bandit Boards.

The main question we asked ourselves was, how do you improve on a well-loved product with a legacy and provenance like The Bandit? There was no debate among the group that there were integral product features that wouldn't be altered or changed.

How to hang a dartboard

Here’s how to get the hang of it for your hangout. But wait, before hanging your dartboard, make sure you have enough space in front of it. You need roughly 2500mm, but take a look at the diagram below so you know you’re starting out on the right foot.

This is a set up: what you need to start playing darts

For lots of us, our first experience of playing or watching darts is at the pub, the local bowls club, or catching a PDC tournament on TV. But what...

How to look after your dartboard

All Shot Darts bristle dartboards are made with high-grade sisal – so you can play more and they’ll last longer. Like any bristle dartboard though, they do need to have the wear evenly spaced across the entire surface of the board, or the sisal can get over-compacted, making it harder for darts to ‘stick’.

Where to hang your dartboard

Apart from hanging your dartboard where you have a good combination of space, light and non-fragile objects, its placement will determine how often, how long and how well you practice. And therein lie the keys to fulfilling your true dart throwing potential, young Grasshopper.

The ultimate guide to choosing the right dart barrel

Possibly the question we get asked the most by new players is ‘What’s the best dart barrel for me?’ And it’s a smart question to ask, because choos...

Sharpen your game: how to clean and care for your darts

Dull darts won’t stick in the board no matter how ace your aim is. So if you play with steel tip darts, consider investing in a dart sharpener: this will help you reduce bounce outs and extend the life of your dartboard. The right amount of sharpening will actually leave your point with a slightly rounded tip, which will help it stick in the dartboard – this is true for both bristleboards and paper dartboards

Shot Darts Jargon Buster

Like any sport with a bit of history behind it, darts has developed its own rich lingo. Hard for new players to know what the heck everyone’s talking about. And no one wants to get caught out not knowing their black hat from their white horse. So we’ve cobbled together a selection of the most common, obscure and just plain weird darts terminology to add to your vocabulary (and possibly help you out at pub quiz).

Darts Info

Learn how to play darts and find the most popular Darts Games to get you rolling!Improve your dart game with Darts Hints and Tips by our Shot Darts...

A starter for 5: basic dart games you should know

If you’ve watched a dart tournament, you’ve probably seen 301 or 501 played. But what if you feel like mixing it up? Check out this article that outlines the rules for five easy to play dart games, including the classic 301. Then gather some mates and get ready to impress them with your encyclopaedic knowledge of the art of darts. You may even feel like adding a little wager to crank up the competition a notch. 

All you need to know about Bristle Dartboards

With the amount of play and punishment your dartboard will receive over its lifetime, it makes sense to go for quality. But what should you be looking for when choosing a bristle dartboard?

Troubleshooting - Broken Dart Shafts

A broken shaft is in most cases a relatively easy fix. The good news is, shafts and flights are disposable items on darts so they can be replaced easily at relatively low cost. While it's an irritation, it's all part of the game. 

Shot Darts Shaft Guide

Much the same as different grips and designs of darts can help your performance, choosing the right accessories like shafts is a decision that req...

How to throw a dart: getting a grip on the basics

When you play darts there a few things to consider to help you achieve your goal. In a nutshell, objective of your dart grip is to keep the end of the dart pointing slightly up in each throwing stage. Your grip should be stable, firm and not put tension on the muscles of your fingers. It's important to reproduce the same grip, shot after shot. Sound like too much too remember? Let’s walk through it, nice and steady.

What materials are darts made of?

Most of our dart ranges here at Shot Darts are manufactured from high-quality Tungsten which is imported into the factory in raw billet form in di...

Steel or soft tip dart?

While checking out the world of darts, you’re probably starting to come across a bit of jargon. Especially around the darts themselves. Flights, barrels, knurls… And one bit of darts terminology that might be causing some confusion is steel tip vs soft tip. What do these words mean, and how to tell which one is right for you? 

Which dart should I buy?

As a newbie, choosing which darts to buy feels a bit like choosing a car – there’s a lot of choice at both ends of the spectrum, and you want to make sure you’re getting a kit that feels comfortable, and just right.

Darts Anatomy -Parts of a Dart

There’s plenty of variation with each of the parts of a dart. But they will all have four basic parts in common. In this article, we’ll walk you through the basics of what each part is, and does.

Arm not body

By Matt ClarkHi again all you darters, My hint and tip for this month is a very simple one, yet I see it not being done all the time, even by some ...

Dart Games

Learn how to play darts. The most popular of many dart games are listed below. 301 - 501 - Cricket / KillerRules that apply to all of these games:1...

Darting Equipment

Finding a barrel that's right for you can be a process, with many people playing for over a decade and still not finding the barrel they can truly ...