Inked Dart Wallet-Skulls Design Story

Inked Dart Wallet-Skulls Design Story

Shot’s own talented designers love working with global artists and illustrators. These collabs let us create something unexpected, explore other eras and cultures, and offer something fresh and unique to players who love a story with a little grit.  

For our Inked Dart Wallet, ‘Skulls’ – Shot collaborated with Seattle-based designer Lord Ego. “I was inspired by the imagery that surrounded me starting in my early teenage years waaay back in the ‘80s. Images on album covers, posters, and t-shirts of the punk and metal bands I listened to. While simultaneously appearing in the graphics that helped define skateboarding culture to me. This imagery, punctuated with visions of skulls had more of an impact on my life than I could have imagined.”

As Lord Ego’s favourite subject, skulls remind us to savour life and carpe every diem. And Skulls is a chance for players to make every moment count when they’re facing the board.

Check Lord Ego out on Instagram @lordego1

The entire Inked Dart Wallet Range is available now!